College Kid Who Got Arrested For Macaroni And Cheese Rant Has Finally Apologized

The video of Luke Gatti's late night drunken rant at the University of Connecticut will forever be known as one of the angriest confrontations with macaroni and cheese in the history of college cafeterias.Gatti, 19, a college sophomore from Bayville, New York, is finally speaking out after footage surfaced of his angry, violent rant at the school's student union.

He begins his YouTube apology video by saying, "My name is Luke and I saw the video of me and I'd like to just get a few things out there. I've got some problems I am addressing. This was seriously a wake-up call."

Gatti spends the rest of the video apologizing to the staff that he harassed and assaulted saying, "I couldn't even believe it was me in it. I was watching it and thinking, 'Oh my God. What the hell's wrong with me. This is not what I'm all about. I don't treat people this way.'"

Gatti has been arrested twice previously for similar disorderly conduct charges at his former school, the University of Massachusetts. He is due to be arraigned in court this week on charges of second-degree breach of peace and criminal trespass for the incident that occurred on October 4. The Gatti family is looking to get a continuance.

"He's a kid that made a bad mistake," Vincent Gatti told The Hartford Courant. "My son was wrong and feels terrible about this."