Chuck E. Cheese Is Trying To Win Back Customers By Adding Booze To Their Menu

Chuck E. Cheese: the land of juvenile birthday parties, cheesy pizza, and the other fictional mouse character your kids were obsessed with.You may remember Chuck E. Cheese fondly, but in recent years, the restaurant and family entertainment franchise has seen slumping sales (an approximate 1.4 percent decline in the past year alone).

To try to combat a slow decline into relative obscurity, Chuck E. Cheese has completely revamped its menu, adding gluten-free, thin crust pizza, and a new beer and wine selection, as well as coffee and lattes to entice millennial parents who are now bringing their kids back to the restaurant they enjoyed as kids.

"We fully understand that some people think we'd gotten a little stale," said CEO Tom Leverton during a phone interview with CNBC. "Parents want to be part of the experience. In the past, you might have been able to cater to children and have mom and dad sit and read a book."

The average child wants to visit Chuck E. Cheese once a month, but they only end up dragging their parents there for big events like a birthday party. Chuck E. Cheese is hoping that their new strategy will entice families to make more trips to visit the Big Cheese.