Chuck E. Cheese’s, ‘Where a Kid Can Be a Kid,’ Hires Creative Agency to Help Attract More Adults

Photo Chuck E Cheese Modified: Flickr/Mike Mozart/CC 4.0

Chuck E. Cheese’s, ‘Where a Kid Can Be a Kid,’ Hires Creative Agency to Help Attract More Adults

Someone still needs to drive the target customer to the restaurant, after all

In its ongoing attempt to make the experience of Chuck E. Cheese’s more appealing to adults, the kid-focused restaurant and entertainment company has hired a new creative agency to help boost its grown-up credibility.

Zimmerman Advertising, a Florida-based creative agency, will be responsible for the brand’s new marketing strategy, media outreach, and promotion. Earlier this year, the company also announced changes to its menu that were aimed toward making the experience more tolerable for parents — without whose presence the restaurant would lose its primary target: children.

In the last several years, the company has experienced an “ongoing sales slide,” according to AdAge, which we gather is at least partly due to a parental reluctance to make the trip.

“We have always been a restaurant focused on kids, but now we are also looking to improve the experience for parents,” said Michael Hartman, Chuck E. Cheese’s new chief marketing officer. “We found Zimmerman shares our vision for success and obsession with metrics. They are the right agency at the right time to help us ring in a new era.”

In a statement, Zimmerman CEO Michael Goldberg described its new client as a “legacy brand” with the potential for “more frequent consideration.” 

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