In Effort to Keep Registers Full of Mom and Dad’s Money, Chuck E. Cheese’s Making Bid to Appeal to ‘Grown-Up Tastes’

Oh, you mean Dave and Busters?

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

‘We’re not playing games with our food anymore,’ the company pledged

In an effort to make Chuck E. Cheese’s less awful for anyone under the age of nine, the company has recently decided to introduce “all-new menu items for grown-up tastes,” according to its website, which, in select locations, will include coffee bars serving cappuccinos and lattes.

Other offerings include new pizza offering with thinner crusts and whole-wheat tortilla wraps.

More on Chuck E. Cheese's

Nationwide, the chain is introducing a number of items that it hopes will make adults willing to make the trip.

In the words of Tom Leverton, chief executive of parent company CEC Entertainment Inc., “We see an opportunity to further improve... on providing menu offerings that entice the adults more to agree to take their children to Chuck E. Cheese’s.”

Leverton told The Dallas News, “If we provide a good experience for Mom and Dad, they are going to be more willing to take their kid to Chuck E. Cheese’s instead of... going out to a competing place.”

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