Chips Ahoy Now Makes a Thinner Cookie

Chips Ahoy just announced new chocolate chip and cinnamon sugar cookie Thins starting this month

Chips Ahoy Thins: Less cookie for the health-conscious sweet tooth.

Yet another Nabisco cookie is getting a skinnier makeover. Chips Ahoy just released Chips Ahoy Thins, which come in both the original chocolate chip and cinnamon sugar varieties. The slimmer sweets are available starting this week, and they follow the release of similar Oreo Thins.

Two dessert spots will be making treats including the new Chips Ahoy Thins cookies. New York’s 10 Below is serving a limited edition cookie-inspired ice cream with a chocolate chip Thins cookie on top, and Stan’s Doughnuts in Chicago is making a chocolate chip doughnut using the new Chips Ahoy cookie. In Los Angeles, Stan’s Coffee will be giving out free samples of the new cookies.


We tried the new Chips Ahoy Thins and really enjoyed the snickerdoodle flavor of the cinnamon sugar cookies, but preferred the classic chocolate chip for prime milk dunkability. These are being permanently added to the Chips Ahoy line, so you have plenty of time to try them out for yourself.