Chips Ahoy! Comes Out With S’mores- and Red Velvet-Flavored Cookies

Chips Ahoy! has just released two new cookie flavors for summer: S’mores and Red Velvet varieties for a limited time

Are these cookies channeling their inner Oreo?

Chips Ahoy! is finally jumping on the quirky, flavored cookies bandwagon.Usually the Nabisco cookie is focused on the classic chocolate chip cookie but for the summer, it is coming out with s’mores and red velvet varieties for a limited time only.

The Chips Ahoy! S’mores cookies are described as having a “chocolate fudge center and deliciously exquisite marshmallow-flavored and fudge chips,” while the red velvet Chips Ahoy! cookies “feature a cream cheese filling topped off with marshmallow chips.” Both are soft-baked cookies and are hitting shelves this week.


We got the chance to try out both varieties and think the s’mores cookies clearly come out on top. The chocolate fudge filling turns gooey when you microwave them for a few seconds, making for one addictive cookie. We weren’t as impressed with the red velvet cookies. The cream cheese filling just didn’t transfer well to a small, soft-baked cookie.