Chipotle Wants to Cater Your Super Bowl Party

Chain hopes to win back customers by offering a $50 discount on bulk orders
chipotle salad

Chipotle will take $50 off the first 1,500 catering or Burritos by the Box orders it receives by February 1.

Chipotle wants to cater your Super Bowl festivities… that is, if you’ll have them. To sweeten the deal and entice customers, the chain is offering to take $50 off the first 1,500 catering or Burritos by the Box orders it receives by February 1, according to Consumerist.

The discount is only valid for a one-time use, for orders of 20 or more burritos for the Burritos by the Box option. As TIME points out, “[T]he deal doesn’t merely require you personally to be comfortable eating Chipotle; it requires that you be comfortable with your entire Super Bowl party eating Chipotle.”

The promotion falls on the day before the company’s plans to temporarily shut down all its stores to address the recent outbreaks. Canadian burrito chain, Freshii plans to take advantage of this opportunity by offering 50 percent off its food while Chipotle restaurants are closed on February 8.

Freshii founder and CEO Matthew Corrin says in a statement, “Like millions of other people, we at Freshii are big fans of Chipotle. We figured the least we would do was look after their customers while Chipotle paused to recalibrate. If a few Chipotle customers fall in love with a Freshii menu item, we hope they’ll come back to both stores more often.”

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