Chipotle May Be Actually Getting into the Burger Business

Chipotle seems to be testing out a burger concept: This is the second trademark application the struggling company has submitted

So that’s how you get customers to keep coming back.

Chipotle keeps teasing us with the idea of a fast casual burger concept. Back in March, the struggling Mexican eatery—just off the heels of a food safety scandal (and apparently heading into another one)submitted a trademark application for the name Better Burger. Months later, the project came to a halt. Now it looks like they’re trying again with another burger concept called TastyMade.

An anonymous source told Eater that Chipotle is not abandoning the earlier project, but rather going in a different direction with the name of the upcoming expansion. The trademark application was filed on May 10 and could signal a turnaround for the once-untouchable burrito-bowl paradise.

"It's no secret that we are interested in a burger concept,” a Chipotle spokesperson said in a statement. “When we have more details to share regarding our plans, we will make those available."


There are not many details known as of now, but the new restaurant concept will specialize in burgers, fries, and milkshakes, according to the anonymous source. Could Chipotle be trying to capitalize on the success of Shake Shack?