A Chipotle Loyalty Rewards Program Is Coming: It’s Called Chiptopia

Chipotle will soon be rolling out ‘Chiptopia,’ a rewards program designed to entice once-loyal burrito customers

We sense free burrito bowls in our near future.

Although it hasn’t officially been announced yet, it looks like the rumors of a Chipotle loyalty program are true. Keeping in line with the fast casual chain’s attempt to bring themselves back from near-self-destruction following food safety scandals, Chiptopia is designed to whet the carnitas appetite of former loyal customers.On May 16, according to Eater, Chipotle trademarked the name Chiptopia and outlined a plan of action to investors.

The loyalty program will reward customers who visit the restaurant more than 25 times a year, as well as those who only visit a few times a year. The loyalty program is temporary (for now), and will be running in the summer, with a possibly permanent program coming in the future.

Not many more details are available on the plan, which follows Chipotle’s “free burrito text” available earlier this spring when all Chipotle restaurants closed for one day to go over new food safety procedures.


Point-based rewards programs like those used at Starbucks have undoubtedly been successful and added an element of competition to a morning coffee ritual. But customers could get annoyed at signing up for a rewards program only to have it taken away a few months later.