Chipotle 'Gets Real' In Its New Comedic Ads

On Monday, Chipotle launched its newest campaign "As Real as It Gets," which features comedians John Mulaney, Jillian Bell, and Sam Richardson. In each of the spots, the comedians enter a Chipotle burrito and interact with the voice of Jeffrey Tambor, who speaks the truth because "everything is real" inside a Chipotle burrito, according to the company.

"These are great comedians, and I think that's important for us right now, given what the brand's been through," Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing and development officer at Chipotle, told Advertising Age. "To see that people recognize advocating for the brand in a way through participating in these spots is helpful."

The campaign reflects the company's desire to show consumers that regardless of its troubled past with food safety concerns, its food is safe to eat.

The campaign is expected to run in the spring and fall across TV, social media, and radio.

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