Chipotle Executive Indicted in NYC Cocaine Bust

The Chief Marketing Officer for the Mexican Grill is now up to his neck in legal trouble, thanks to New York’s Finest

Wikimedia Commons / Proshob / CC BY-SA 3.0

As if the fast food giant didn't have enough bad publicity.

For one Chipotle executive, his company’s assembly lines weren’t the only lines he was used to.

Chief Marketing and Development Officer Mark Crumpacker was indicted for his relation to a massive cocaine ring operating out of the Lower East Side in New York City. He was one of 18 charged “repeat customers” of the delivery service.

Maybe he was testing if Chipotle could do delivery, too.

Any way you chop it, this is a bad news bears for Crumpacker. He made $4.3 million in 2015, and served in numerous roles outside of Chipotle, including as president of the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation and as a member of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation’s board of directors. I’d bet that those titles will disappear as quickly as the snuff he was buying.

His arrest comes as part of a larger cocaine bust, a delivery service allegedly ran by Kenny Hernandez, 35, Felix Nunez, 27, and Oscar Almonte, 29. The Manhattan district attorney’s office alleges that they would use car services to deliver the drugs to various locations across Lower Manhattan, ranging from bars to bodegas. The customers would pay $200 to $300 for their own miniature snowstorm.

Naturally, Crumpacker has been placed on what Brits would call gardening leave—Chipotle has told him “to focus on these personal matters” rather than coming into work. His duties have been reassigned to other senior managers.


Maybe Crumpacker should’ve used a Chipotle burrito to hide his snuff like someone who used a sealed Nature Valley granola bar. Then again, he probably would’ve been busted anyway. This is another lesson to kids: If you want to be famous (or not famous), don’t do drugs, OK?