Chipotle Co-CEO Steps Down; Sole CEO Steve Ells Hints at Changes Coming to Troubled Chain

Chipotle’s co-CEO and co-founder Monty Moran is stepping down from his executive and board positions, effective immediately

Ells said the coming year would focus on an enhanced customer experience at Chipotle.

After Chipotle’s most troubling financial year to date following multiple food safety scandals, the company’s co-CEO and co-founder Monty Moran announced he would be stepping down and forfeiting his board seat, effective immediately.

A month ago, investors were clamoring to replace co-CEO Steve Ells, but now he is Chipotle’s sole CEO.

In a statement, Ells said 2017 would focus on enhanced customer experiences and would also peruse employee incentives like stock options for new restaurateurs, extended paid vacation/sick leave, and new wages that start above the federal minimum wage. Ells did not mention any food safety issues or priorities in this press statement. However, over the past year, the company has implemented new food safety standards at each of its restaurants.


"Chipotle is based on a very simple idea,” Ells said. “We start with great ingredients, prepare them using classic cooking techniques, and serve them in a way that allows people to get exactly what they want. Even though it's a simple idea, operations have become over-complicated. I'm very much looking forward to relentlessly focusing on ensuring an excellent guest experience, removing unnecessary complexity from our operations, championing innovation, and pursuing our mission of making better food accessible to more people."