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Chinese Restaurant Employees in Brooklyn Fight Off a Robber With Soup Ladles

The workers swung soup ladles at the robber, causing him to flee the scene

Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock

The restaurant employees stood their ground during the attempted robbery.  

A robber was met with an unlikely form of defense when two workers at a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn fought him off with soup ladles as he attempted to rob the eatery.

Surveillance video released Wednesday showed the knife-yielding suspect in an orange hoodie enter Chen’s Garden the night of Jan. 4 and try to climb over the counter, according to New York Daily News.

As one employee backed away, two ran from the back and started swinging the soup ladles in the robber’s direction to scare him.

“I wasn’t scared,” owner Yan Lin told Daily News. “Maybe because I own the restaurant and I didn’t want him to take the money.”

The incident at Chen’s Garden wasn’t the suspect’s first robbery of the night. Twenty minutes earlier, he had been at a nearby Baskin-Robbins, where he robbed an employee of $533, police said.


Police said they believed the same suspect was also linked to robberies at a KFC and Taco Bell in the area on Dec. 29, and a Dunkin Donuts robbery on Dec. 19 on Flatlands Avenue.