Chef Makes Chocolate Dress For A Fashion Show

We have seen clothing made out of food (who could ever forget about pop star Lady Gaga's meat dress?), but it's not every day you hear about clothing made out of chocolate.

Pastry and baking chef Joe Cumm created an entire outfit made of at least 60 percent edible ingredients for a model to wear for four hours without melting. It sounds crazy, but he was actually successful.

Cumm is a pastry arts instructor at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts and has appeared on Food Network's King of Cones, where he won the top prize. He crafted the chocolate outfit for The Americas Cake & Sugarcraft Fair in Orlando, Florida in September.

The outfit included a patterned short skirt, corset, jewelry, and a hat made entirely from chocolate. Cumm was able to prevent the chocolate from melting by creating a thinned-out recipe of modeling chocolate — a pliable chocolate paste made from chocolate and corn syrup. He fashioned the skirt by crafting chocolate strips airbrushed with cocoa. Other parts of the outfit, like the necklace and corset laces, were made out of bamboo.

"We had no major mishaps," Tina Wright, fashion show producer at the Cake and Sugarcraft Fair, told Lancaster Online. "Nothing broke. Nothing melted. Nobody fell."