Chef Cesare Casella Is No Longer Associated with Salumeria Rosi


Chef Casella’s restaurants became known for their Italian meat and cheese boards.

Chef Cesare Casella, well-known as the Italian New York City chef with a pocket full of rosemary who launched the Italian small plates restaurant Salumeria Rosi, is bowing out of his position at both locations of the charcuterie eatery.

In March, he announced that he was no longer affiliated with Ristoranti Rosi on the Upper East Side, and now he is stepping down from his executive chef position at Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto on the Upper West Side.Chef Casella, who is on The Daily Meal council, told Eater that his business partners sold the restaurant to someone else: He tried to buy it back, but the owners wanted to make a deal for both restaurants.


Chef Casella opened up Salumeria Rosi on the Upper West Side in 2008 and launched an outpost, Ristoranti Rosi in 2012. Chef Casella most recently showed off his cooking skills at The Daily Meal kitchen this past November, preparing several gourmet Italian dishes using Cremonini vinegars.