Cheetos Swaps Orange Dust for Cinnamon Sugar with Sweetos

For the first time ever, Cheetos is rolling out dessert Cheetos made with cinnamon sugar, called Sweetos

They’re dangerously… sugary?

Tired of reaching into a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and coming up orange-handed? Do you feel that your snack cravings have moved beyond artificial cheese, but you still crave something approved by Chester the Cheetah? You’re in luck. Cheetos is getting ready to roll out his first-ever sweet snack packs, called Cheetos Sweetos, a cinnamon sugar-dusted puff snack, this February.

It’s the first sweet snack that has been cranked out by the 67-year-old snacking giant, and it comes on the heels of sister brand Lay’s’ foray into the sweet scene with the release of chocolate-dipped potato chips last year. Why mess with a formula that’s worked for almost three-quarters of a century? It’s all about getting into the pockets of those wily Millennials, who, according to USA Today, are looking for more “unconventional” snacks.


"We believe the orange Cheetos dust that comes off on your fingers is an important part of the Cheetos eating experience — for some it's the best part," Jeff Klein, vice president of brand marketing for Frito-Lay North America said in a statement. "Absolutely there will be a similar playful experience when eating Sweetos."