Cheeky Burglars Cook Themselves Burgers and Leave ‘Thank You’ Note

Thieves broke into Colne Football Club’s clubhouse, costing an estimated £1,000 in damages
burgers on grill

Break-in is the third in just over a year for the club.

Some well-mannered burglars seem to know when a ‘thank you’ is merited, but missed the memo on stealing and breaking and entering. Last weekend, the thieves broke into the Colne Football Club’s café and made themselves a meal before wheeling away unopened bottles of spirits in bins, according to BBC. A message scrawled on the wall reads, “thank you burgor (sic) was great,” with a smiley face at the end.

Club treasurer Janette Harries is not amused, and hopes the police catch the culprits. Harries says, “It's cheeky; they are rubbing our noses in it.” She continues, “They got the burgers out of the freezer and put them on the griddle and defrosted teacakes; they even used oil on the griddle. So they have been quite considerate. But he didn't wash up afterwards.”

Harries estimates that the break-in has cost the club £1,000, a hard hit for the nonprofit club ran by unpaid volunteers. According to Harries, any money made is reinvested to further develop and advance the club. The break-in is the third for the club in just over a year; back in September, burglars broke in, sprayed milk on the walls, and stole spirits. Harries says, “It's depressing that they keep on coming back, they are living very selfish lives.”

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