Check Out The 3 New Holiday-Flavored M&M's Already Hitting Shelves

Halloween decorations may still be up, and your trick-or-treat candy bowl is probably still full, but M&M's wants to get you in the holiday spirit.Mars has released three new wintery M&M's flavors to make you all toasty inside: Hot Chocolate, White Peppermint, and Café Mocha. All three flavors will be sold at Target and Walmart stores starting this week.

Here are some descriptions of the new M&M's to get your mouth watering: The Hot Chocolate flavor is a marshmallow candy-coated shell filled with dark chocolate; the White Peppermint is a "cool peppermint with creamy white chocolate center;" and the Café Mocha M&M's may not actually be caffeinated, but they are made with milk chocolate and covered in cheery, red-and-green, coffee-infused candy shells.

We may not be ready for snow drifts when the tree leaves outside are still golden, but 'tis always the season for creative chocolate candies. You can get all three flavors in eight-ounce bags for $3.49. Target is selling the Café Mocha flavor exclusively.