Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal Drops Foie Gras Supplier After Undercover Video Exposes Torturous Conditions

British celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal (The Fat Duck, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, The Perfectionist's Café) has cut ties with his foie gras supplier after an undercover video of the farm exposed horrific conditions, reports The Mirror.

The video footage has been acquired by the online publication and is truly disturbing.

The owner of the farm, Louis-Marie Mitteault, would not confirm the footage and said, "If they were taken on my farm, and I am not sure they are, then I would be very angry."

After the video footage was posted on The Mirror, chef Blumenthal thanked the publication and announced that he would immediately stop sourcing from the farm.

"We were shocked at the video and the conditions in which the ducks were apparently kept," announced a spokesperson for The Fat Duck. "We were shown the highest standards of animal husbandry when we visited the farm. We visit all of our suppliers as we believe that the best tasting food comes from animals that have been reared as humanely as possible and from producers who practice ethical farming standards... The findings of this article have alerted us to what seems to be a change in practice and we have immediately ceased to use Maison Mitteault with immediate effect and would like to thank the Daily Mirror for bringing this to our attention."