Cargill Has Developed a Sound Test to Determine the Ultimate Crunchy Gum Coating

How long do you think it will be before ‘sound quality’ is a factor in your gum purchasing decisions?

The jobs that exist within food science never fail to impress us. 

Cargill, the industrial agriculture giant and multinational food processing company, has amped up its focus on gum — specifically, the way that gum crunches.

According to Food Navigator, the company has developed an “acoustic testing formula” designed to help manufacturers get the ultimate crunch out of gum coatings.

“Normally it’s done by a taste panel,” Bart Cortebeeck, a so-called “confectionary application specialist,” told Food Navigator. “Each time that gives you a different perception, but there’s not a real value on [crunchiness]. We don’t have the same perception of a sweet every day.”

Essentially, the new process measures the sound produced by chewing in decibels, as well as the loudest sounds observed, and the time it takes to produce those peaks. Cargill says that the new acoustic testing measure is meant to supplement tasting panels and improve stability.


“The values will help us for defining the best ingredient,” said Cortebeeck. “The more crunchy it can be, the better.”