Cap’n Crunch Teams Up With Funny Or Die for a Fake Morning Show

‘The Earliest Show’ is the cereal’s funniest advertisement

Cap’n Crunch chose Ben Schwartz as one of the stars based on his passion for the mock morning show concept.

Cap’n Crunch has worked with the comedy team at Funny Or Die the past year to produce a six-episode morning show series called The Earliest Show that airs in the middle of the night.

The cereal’s latest mock TV show advertisement is a comedy series about a TV host going through a public breakup on air. The Earliest Show features TV stars Ben Schwartz, from Parks and Recreation and House of Lies, and Lauren Lapkus, from Orange Is the New Black, as co-hosts of the show, Adweek reported.

The show was created to cater to Cap’n Crunch’s fan base of millennial males.

"As we started looking at who talks about our brand, and who really shows that love for our brand, it was these millennial males," Jessica Spaulding, the marketing director at the cereal’s parent company Quaker told Adweek. "They are a primary consumer of our cereal. And when we looked at how they were consuming it, and how they were talking about the product, it wasn't the typical 'around the breakfast table in the morning.' It was on the go, it was at night, it was while playing video games. It's really a part of their experience. From a media standpoint, we need to be part of that experience versus interrupting it."


The branded content works Cap’n Crunch seamlessly into the show with cooking tutorials and fake ads in each episode. Spaulding told Adweek this approach had potential to really connect with consumers the way typical ads didn’t.