Canned Spam Now Comes In Bite-Sized Snack Form

Here's a new "if a tree falls in the woods" quandary for you: If a Spam product does not come from a can, is it really Spam? Hormel has announced a new line of Spam snacks: bite-sized, dried versions of the quirky canned ham product that's popular in Hawaii.

After 78 years of very little change, Spam is finally ready to come out of the can. Spam Snacks come in three flavors: teriyaki, classic, and bacon flavor ("it's swine on swine, and that's a scrumptious thing," Spam's website touts), and contain 10 grams of protein per package.

Right now, the products, which essentially remind us of jerky with Spam slapped on the label, will be available in markets in the Southeast, the West, and Hawaii (of course). The suggested retail price for a 1.4-ounce pouch is $2.39. Hormel has not yet announced if they will be releasing the product nationwide, but be on the lookout for the new evolution of Spam.

"These fun-to-eat Spam brand product snacks are a perfect complement to the fast-growing dried meat snacking category," said James Splinter, group vice president of Hormel's grocery products, during a presentation with Hormel's investors, according to the Huffington Post.