Canada Approves Genetically Modified Salmon

The controversial genetically modified salmon engineered by AquaBounty, AquAdvantage, has been approved for commercial sales by Health Canada after a comprehensive assessment. This study took into account how the fish is engineered, how its composition and nutritional profile compares to non-GMO salmon, the health status of the fish, and its potential to be toxic or allergenic, details Eater.

The same fish was approved by the FDA in November 2015, however the FDA has since banned imports until labeling guidelines are finalized, a process which could take years. Eater says that AquAdvantage could be on Canadian grocery shelves within a year, as a special committee will make its labeling recommendations within the year.

In a statement, AquaBounty CEO Ronald L. Stotish, Ph.D. said, "[T]here are now two independent reviews by two of the most sophisticated and demanding regulators in the world and both have come to the same conclusion."