Can You Guess Which City's Residents Keep The Most Expired Food In Their Fridges?

You know that jar of mayo you bought two years ago that still lies dormant in the back of your fridge? You won't use it, because "ew," and you won't throw it out because you are afraid to face the possibility of mold. And besides, you paid good money for that organic vegan mayo you used approximately once. Well, the good news is, you're not alone (and even the government says it's OK). In fact, according to a survey from Peapod, at least 30 percent of residents in five major cities across America have expired food in their fridges.

But who's the worst culprit? You may not be surprised to know that New York, land of the endless Seamless deliveries and tiny kitchen spaces, has the most fridges with expired contents. Approximately 40 percent of New Yorkers surveyed admitted to having expired foods in their fridges, followed closely by D.C. residents, with 38 percent.  New Yorkers' penchant for keeping food for too long equally matches their love of takeout: 41 percent of New Yorkers polled say they rely on delivery or dining out for their everyday meals.

All you New Yorkers who are now staring at your fridges with a guilty conscience, don't worry:  certain items, like milk, bread, and cheese, are still good for about a week after their expiration dates. Even orange juice can still taste a fresh a year after it expires (if unopened). But you should never take a chance on raw meat or chicken.