Burger King’s Hot Dogs Are Surprisingly the Chain’s Best-Selling Item in Years

Ever since Burger King debuted its polarizing franks last month, there has been “an overwhelming response” from customers

These hot dogs are selling more like hot cakes.

Ever since Burger King’s hot dogs officially launched last month to the tune of harsh criticism (The New York Post called it “a disgusting disgrace”), the beef frank has been selling like crazy. Love it or hate it, Burger King executives have hinted that the BK hot dog (available in either classic style with chopped onions, relish, ketchup and mustard; or a chili cheese dog) is one of the fast food chain’s most successful menu items in years.

“There has been an overwhelming response,” CEO Dan Accordino said on a call with Nation’s Restaurant News. “The advertising for the grilled hot dogs didn’t even start until [Thursday]. So all you have seen so far is what you have seen on social media.”

He claims they are selling between 80 and 100 hot dogs per store every day, without the aid of marketing.

When we reviewed Burger King’s hot dogs we thought they were “surprisingly good” and were not surprised at their sudden burst in popularity. Deadspin applauded Burger King’s “tasteful middle finger to uppity fast food,” in the presence of so many artisan burgers and handcrafted salads.


Burger King, meanwhile, is not the only fast food chain treading into wiener territory. Checkers & Rally’s has ignited a flame war, pegging their own hot dogs against the bigger chain. In response to BK’s new menu offering, they announced that they would be offering their dogs for half the price (79 cents).