Burger King Releases Cheetos Chicken Fries

Burger King keeps up the snack-inspired food trend with the new Cheetos Chicken Fries

Is this the rise of agent orange dust?

First, Burger King wowed us with  Mac N’ Cheetos bites, and then it confused us by throwing Doritos on top of a regular BK burger.The latest crunchy, orange, snack-inspired food from The King is Cheetos Chicken Fries featuring Burger King’s popular chicken fries covered in a crispy Cheetos coating, according to Business Insider.

 "The chicken fries are cooked to crispy perfection so that they have a dangerously cheesy outside and made with juicy white-meat chicken inside," according to a statement from Burger King, the same fast-food company that brought us the genius Whopperito mashup.


The new menu item will be coming to Burger King locations for a limited time starting this week. A nine-piece order will cost $2.89. The Cheetos Chicken Fries are a cheesier twist on the original chicken fries, which were introduced in 2014 as a limited-time offering and then brought back by popular demand last year.