Burger King Delivered a Special-Edition ‘Prince William Whopper’ to Kensington Palace

Burger King took on the challenge of making a burger for a real live prince
Burger King Delivered a Special-Edition ‘Prince William Whopper’ to Kensington Palace

Photo Modified: Wikimedia Commons/Tom Soper Photography/CC BY 2.0

How will the Prince William Whopper stack up against the prince-approved original?

As soon as Burger King found out that the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William himself, has a special affinity for lamb burgers, the fast food company decided to make William “officially a Burger King” by sending over a personalized version of the prince’s favorite snack.

Using key intel from an interview with former RAF chef Gareth Matheson — who revealed that the prince’s preferred lamb burger featured fresh and local produce, Snowdonia cheese, bacon, a fried egg, mint sauce, and paprika — Burger King created the special-edition Prince William Whopper.

“It was William's absolute favorite,” Matheson told The Telegraph. “Whenever he was on shift he would always ask for it. When he was working nights he would always ask for me to do another one for throughout the night. He liked the idea that we were using all local and fresh produce.”

The fast food version of the princely snack features a lamb patty topped with cheese, bacon, and an egg. The burger was hand-delivered to Kensington Palace, although it’s not known whether Prince William actually ate the burger once it arrived. Even so, Burger King is proud to have brought “a taste of our kingdom to the future King of England.”


The original Prince William-approved burger, by the way, is available in Wales at Matheson’s restaurant, Road King.