Burger King Created A Whopper Air Freshener, Because Why Not?

Last year, Burger King Japan released a Whopper perfume, and now Brazil has launched its own aromatic burger scent... for the car!Burger King Brazil created a Whopper-scented air freshener and pranked customers by placing them in cabs outside popular bars and nightclubs.

You can see the hilarious reactions below. "Does it smell like meat in here?" one person asks while another hungrily accuses, "You just ate a burger in here didn't you?" The taxis then satiated everyone's hunger by stopping at a Burger King. Nothing like a late-night binge to cure the greasy fast food craving.

Although it may have been a hilarious prank, the nose knows: The car odorizer is actually made to smell like an authentic Whopper. No word yet on if Burger King will follow suit like Japan and start selling this bizarre trinket in Brazil Burger King stores anytime soon.