Burger King And Tim Hortons Become Restaurant Brands International

Now that Burger King has officially bought the Canada coffee shop chain Tim Hortons in August for $11 billion, and moved its headquarters to Canada (successfully saving money by avoiding American tax rates), the new corporate brand not only has a new location, but a new name: Restaurant Brands International.  The company officially went public in mid-December in both the American and Canadian markets under the name Restaurant Brands International, in the quick service restaurant category.

"I am honored to have been chosen to lead Restaurant Brands International and its two iconic brands," Restaurant Brands International's Daniel Schwartz said in a statement. "We have assembled a world-class leadership team that shares a passion for our brands and is committed to successfully growing the company into the world's leading global restaurant business."

Combined, both restaurants, according to Food Business News, have 18,000 locations in 100 countries worldwide, and each brand will be operated and managed separately. The name of the corporation implies that future brand purchases may be in the works for Burger King's new umbrella organization.