Brooklyn’s Famous Junior’s Is Moving Its Baking Headquarters to New Jersey

Junior’s, home of Brooklyn’s most famous cheesecake, is moving its baking headquarters from Queens to Burlington, N.J.
Brooklyn’s Famous Junior’s Is Moving Its Baking Headquarters to New Jersey

This New York institution is no longer entirely New York operated.

This might cause a bit of a kerfuffle. The owner of Brooklyn’s famous Junior’s, Alan Rosen, announced that he will be moving the restaurant’s baking headquarters from Maspeth, Queens across the river to Burlington, New Jersey. Yes, that’s right. New York’s most coveted cheesecake will now be made in New Jersey. This is kind of like when New Jersey claims that the Statue of Liberty is on their turf; while technically true, it’s something we don’t want to admit.

Rosen told us that although part of the reason for the move, is the astronomical rent (after 15 years in Queens Junior's' lease is up), he mostly just wanted more space. The new baking headquarters will be five times the size of the original location, and he just couldnt' find that type of space in Brooklyn or Queens. But he doesn’t actually think the move will make that much of an impact on business.

"It has room for us to grow, and we can meet all the demands of mail order," Rosen told The Daily Meal. "It's a little further, we'll have to get up a little earlier. But we’ll be able to make more cakes, better cakes employ more people."

This isn’t the first time talks of Junior’s moving has come up. Last year, Rosen had to make the difficult decision of whether or not to move the original restaurant location (Junior’s is on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn). He decided not to, purely for emotional reasons. 

"We can't afford the real estate around here," Alan Rosen told Crain's New York. "The New York Giants play in New Jersey, as do the Jets."


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