Vegan Chicken Sinigang

Allen Ramos

The Bites and Sights From Savor Filipino

Immersive dining experience brought talented chefs and food enthusiasts to the Bay Area

Last weekend, Filipino Food Movement hosted Savor Filipino, a celebration of Filipino cuisine that was held at The Overlook Lounge and Rooftop Terrace in Oakland, California.

Chefs from all over the U.S. presented their unique takes on classic Filipino dishes.

Chef Garrett Doherty of Kraken Congee served a pork belly adobo congee, featuring pork belly adobo served over Jasmine rice porridge. Chef JP Reyes and Kristen Brillantes from Sarap Shop took sinigang, a traditional Filipino sour and savory soup, and created their own version with fried soy “chicken” bites and pickled vegetables.Chef Preligen Manaois’ dessert trio included a chocolate dome, coconut rice pudding, and mango panna cotta with coconut foam.

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Local ingredients were utilized as much as possible to “demonstrate the inventive, diverse, and culinary inspirations Filipino cuisine has to offer in the Bay Area and beyond.”