Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting Returns After Passionate Fan Petition

Rainbow Chip frosting, beloved by Katy Perry, returns to stores in July

The writer of the petition will also get a year’s supply of the frosting.

After a two-year absence, Betty Crocker is bringing back Rainbow Chip Frosting, a fan favorite whose absence spawned a passionate plea on urging the company to reconsider.

“Please bring back Rainbow Chip Frosting!” petition writer Benjamin Johnson pleaded in an open letter to the company.

“An alleged new product offering consisting of ‘sprinkles’ is not the same and anyone familiar with the original Rainbow Chip Frosting can attest to this. Furthermore, Pillsbury already has an established 'Funfetti' line so why doesn't Betty Crocker want to differentiate their product by retaining a frosting [Rainbow Chip] that so many people have come to know and love?”

Johnson wasn’t the only one who missed Rainbow Chip frosting — on eBay, one can is available for $200, and many fans have been extremely vocal about the need for its return, including Katy Perry.

On Thursday, Betty Crocker plans to reveal the news of the return of Rainbow Chip to Johnson himself.


“Johnson thinks he's coming to town to add more consumer insight into a possible return, but will find out, with great fanfare, that he already helped resurrect the popular frosting — hitting store shelves nationwide in July,” the company announced. The loyal fan will also go home with a year’s supply of the frosting.