Bethesda Restaurant Creates Minion-Inspired Menu for Fans of the Movie

Minions are definitely taking over the world
Maryland Minion Menu

Photo Modified: Flickr/Wilson Hui/CC 4.0

A restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland is offering a Minions-inspired menu.

If you love the Minions from Despicable Me, you might want to try out this Minion-inspired menu.

Met Bethesda in Maryland will offer this Met Minion Menu in honor of the Minions movie, which was released on July 10. The idea is that families can eat at the restaurant before walking next door to the ArcLight Cinemas.

The menu is very much geared toward kids. There is a Mini Minion Cheese Bugah with Cheddar cheese and French fries, Bob’s Peanutbutter-N-Banana Sammy with sliced bananas and honey, SPaaagetti-n-meatballs with tomato sauce. and Chicken Fingars with French fries. And for dessert, you can get a chocolate-covered frozen banana with rainbow sprinkles.

All dishes range from $7 to $8 and include a beverage and dessert.

Advertisements for Minions cost Universal Studios $600 million, and the film took in $115.2 million on opening weekend. However, the Minions toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals have been accused of saying swear words.

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The Met Minion Menu will be available through September 7.