Ben & Jerry’s Releases Ice Cream Taco for 4/20

Ben & Jerry’s released the “Chill-aco,” a follow-up to their ice cream burrito, on the day the munchies will kill

The Choco Taco just got a major upgrade.

Ben & Jerry’s knows the right way to celebrate 4/20: with the launch of a new ice cream innovation! Ben & Jerry’s is launching the “Chill-aco”: an ice cream-stuffed waffle cone ice cream shell and a frozen follow-up to their Brrr-ito, another limited-edition item that was released on 4/20 in 2015.

The Chill-aco will be launching this week at scoop shops in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Customers will get to indulge in a crunchy waffle taco shell stuffed with two scoops of their choice of five different Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors, slathered in warm caramel sauce and chocolate drizzle, and dusted in cookie crumbs.

“Fans absolutely loved the Brrr-ito,” Ben & Jerry’s representative Allison Gilbert said in a statement. “So this year we turned it up to eleven! It’s all about the ice cream and the eating experience.”

The Daily Meal staff got the scoop (actually two scoops!) of the Chill-aco complete with Full Baked ice cream (like Ben & Jerry's iconic Half Baked, but made with cookies instead of cookie dough). These monstrous creations surprsingly held up well, and with two layers of waffle shell, there was little to no mess. Our verdict? Way better than an ice cream sandwich, but we wished they had a smaller version for a less astronomical indulgence.  


Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve ever seen an ice cream taco… Remember the Choco Taco straight out of the freezer from your local ice cream man?