Become A Social Media Star With This London Restaurant's Instagram Kits

Beautifully curated Instagram feeds don't happen on their own — many social media influencers take the time to strategically plan out each post, from editing to getting the caption just right. One London restaurant knows all about the struggle and wants to help produce perfect food shots by lending "Instagram kits" to customers.

Each kit includes a portable LED light, charger, clip-on wide-angle lens, tripod, and a selfie stick, Mic reported. The kits are available to guests at the restaurant's Soho location upon request.

"We're all about helping people capture that perfect shot," Cokey Sulkin, founder and director of operations at Dirty Bones, said in a statement. "The people that typically visit Dirty Bones tend to be very active on social media, and on Instagram in particular."

Getting a quality picture is great, but at the end of the day, it's the quality of food that matters.

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