Bear Killed After Breaking Into House To Eat Cat Food And Peppermint Patties

We previously reported on a bear eating dog food and another eating 38 pies, both of whom emerged unscathed from their culinary adventures. Unfortunately, things did not end well for this bear that really wanted cat food.

Police in West Milford, New Jersey, killed a black bear that broke into a home on July 31. The 200-pound bear made its way inside through a lower-level window and was found with a bag of cat food and Peppermint Patties candies in a bowl. It apparently spat the wrappers out on the floor.

Police received the call from the homeowner at 10 a.m. When they arrived on the scene, police said that the bear left through the same window. It was euthanized by the responding officer, according to No one was injured.

ABC7 Online reported that the bear was "aggressive." "I absolutely panicked," the homeowner told them. "I ran up the stairs. I ran through the house. I grabbed the telephone and called 911."

This is the 10th bear to enter a house in New Jersey this year.