This Bar Is Selling a Burger Topped with Cheetos

Clinton Hall in New York City, known for its creative burgers, has topped its latest one with a handful of Cheetos

We’ve heard of topping your burger with potato chips, but this is a little out there.

What do you prefer to top a delicious, juicy burger with? Perhaps you go for the classics: onion, pickles, lettuce, and tomato, or maybe you’re a little more exotic and prefer a fried egg and slice of pineapple.Whichever way you like your hamburger, we’ve got you beat with this new creation from Clinton Hall in New York City: a Cheetos burger.

Clinton Hall, a beer hall in the Financial District in New York City, is known for its creative burgers, and the Cheetos burger is just one item off of its new 20/20 menu that pairs 20 burgers with 20 beers.  The burger is fairly simple and is just topped with a fair helping of Vermont Cheddar and that crunchy, cheesy, orange dusted snack. You can get yours for a mere $11.


“There’s just something really nostalgic about Cheetos, we all ate them at one point or another so I wanted to use them as an additional form of cheese for the burger to give it a nostalgic recognizable feel,” chef Jason Futrell told The Daily Meal. “It’s just really a fun way to add both crunch and cheese to the burger, who knew such a classic chip would complement the beef so perfectly!”