The World’s Oldest Person, 116, Eats Bacon Every Single Day

Susannah Mushatt Jones is 116 years old and eats bacon at least once every day.
Is Bacon the Secret to a Long Life? The World’s Oldest Person, 116, Eats It Every Single Day


“She’ll eat bacon all day long,” the 116-year-old’s family said. 

At 116 years old, Susannah Mushatt Jones is the world’s certified oldest living person, and among her accomplishments, Jones has been honored by the House of Representatives in Alabama, where she was born in 1899, “for a remarkable lifetime of exceptional achievement lived during three centuries.”

But what exactly is the reason for the centenarian’s long and healthy life?

While Jones herself told Guinness World Records, which recently bestowed the 116-year-old with a record of her longevity, that her secret was sleep, her own family suggests that the secret might actually be bacon.

“She’ll eat bacon all day long,” niece Lois Judge told Page Six. At a minimum, however, Jones will eat bacon for breakfast every day, along with some scrambled eggs.


Last year, Jones also told ABC 7 that she suspected that part of her health might be due to the lack of a long-term husband (Jones was married for five years), who might have tried to curb her healthy bacon habit.