AstonishingStudios Presents A McDonald's Chicken McNugget Dispenser Made Of LEGOs

AstonishingStudios has once again demonstrated the unlimited possibilities of building with LEGOs with their newest creation: a Chicken McNugget dispenser. In the video description, AstonishingStudios writes, "I was thinking of the next LEGO machine when I realized you can never fail with McDonald's. The McNugget is the greatest invention since the LEGO brick itself, so I hope you're lovin' it."

The AstonishingStudios YouTube channel has over 80,000 subscribers, 14.5+ million views, and 180 videos and counting. Known for their LEGO creations, AstonishingStudios has created candy machines, dispensers, vending machines, arcade games, and more. Its channel description reads, "My content is meant for children and adults who are young at heart, as you are never too old to build with LEGO."

For the LEGO McNugget dispenser, a €2 coin (and only a €2 coin, thanks to a rail that will only bring coins of the appropriate size to the mechanism which will prompt the rest of the machine) will cause the machine to immediately dispense a four-pack of Chicken McNuggets. The YouTube video not only shows the machine in action, but walks viewers through the entire mechanism and its moving parts.

Though the dispenser only holds two packs of McNuggets and dipping sauces and therefore isn't practical for real-world use, the creativeness and innovation demonstrated in only using LEGOs certainly makes this creation worth noting. The dispenser was created using a LEGO Mindstorms set, according to The Verge.