Arby's Is Releasing A Loaded Italian Sandwich Piled High With Meat

Arby's has added a new menu item to their lineup of sandwiches, proving that they do indeed have the meats. The newest sandwich is called the Italian Loaded sandwich and is topped with thinly-sliced ham, salami and pepperoni with melted cheese, banana peppers, shredded lettuce, tomato and red onion, with red wine vinaigrette and garlic aioli.

"The Italian sandwich has become a worldwide favorite famous for stacking delicious Italian meats, so we feel it's a natural addition to the Arby's menu," said Rob Lynch, brand president and chief marketing officer of Arby's. "The Loaded Italian pays homage to the classic and reinforces our commitment to offer highly craveable, meat-crafted sandwiches to our guests."

The sandwich goes for $4.99 and $6.99 for a meal (with curly fries), and will be available at Arby's locations nationwide starting next week.

You can always go bananas and ask for the secret menu Meat Mountain, piled high with every type of meat Arby's offers.