Arby’s Leap Year ‘Vegetarian Menu’ Epically Mocks Non-Meat Eaters

Arby’s is offering vegetarian-friendly meals on February 29 by simply removing pretty much everything from their sandwiches

Leap Year only comes around once every four years, so why not have some meatless fun with it?

It may be a little early for April Fool’s Day, but Arby’s isn’t short on jokes. Arby’s announced that for one day only on Leap Day, it will be offering a vegetarian menu.For non-meat-eaters, this may sound like a dream come true, but Arby’s is pretty much just removing the meat.

If you order a vegetarian classic roast beef sandwich, you’ll get a toasted sesame seed bun “minus Arby's famous thinly sliced roast beef, marinated and roasted in Arby's restaurants every single day,” and that’s it. The Crispy Fish sandwich is just tartar sauce and shredded lettuce, and the vegetarian Beef n’ Cheddar sandwich just comes with melted cheese and Red Ranch sauce on a roll.

Are you sensing a pattern? Of course, this isn’t the first time the Arby’s “We Got the Meats” sandwich chain has mocked non-meat-eaters. Last year, Arby’s launched a vegetarian hotline for vegetarians who are tempted by sugar-coated pepper bacon.


But don’t worry vegetarians, if you you’re not a fan of Arby’s sense of humor, you can try our recipes for high-quality veggie sandwiches.