Apple Redesigned the Humble Pizza Box and It’s Life-Changing

Apple invented a personal pizza box that lets employees bring the cafeteria pizza back to their desk without it getting soggy

Apparently they aren’t just innovators in the tech world.

Forget your fancy iPhones and smart watches — this is the Apple invention we’ve been waiting for. Wired recently toured the brand-new Apple headquarters in Cupertino, and found out that one of the most impressive parts of the vast, sprawling campus is a pizza container. Apple has reinvented the pizza box to make it less susceptible to soggy crust syndrome, and we’re all for it.

Apple actually has a patent out for the small, circular boxes that fit a personal-sized pizza inside. Employees can use the ingeniously simple containers — invented by chef Francesco Longoni of the Apple Park café in 2010 — to keep their pizzas fresh on the way back to their desks. The boxes have eight holes punched in the top that let air and moisture escape so that the pizza crust stays nice and crispy for those long nights spent coding in your cubicle.


Apparently the circular pizza box is enmeshed in Apple’s office culture. When Steve Jobs died in 2011, one of the pizza boxes was signed by the Apple food service employees and placed on his grave.