Apparently You Can Now Rent Chickens for Farm-Fresh Eggs

Rent the Chicken allows farmer -wannabes the opportunity to get the freshest eggs possible

Don’t live near a farm? Don’t worry, hipsters: they’ll bring the chickens to you.

Farm-to-table brunch spots are so last year. Get even closer to the country by renting a chicken to make your own perfect, farm-fresh eggs. It sounds a bit plucky, but that’s the concept behind Rent the Chicken, a company that leases out chickens to urban and suburban customers who are starving for delicious, fresh eggs but don’t want to commit to raising a chicken for life. The Pennsylvania-based company will ship chickens to Maryland, D.C., New Jersey, Arizona, Delaware, southern New York, and Toronto.

All you do is rent a pair or a quad of friendly cluckers for six months at a time, and you’ll have fresh eggs every morning. The standard packages cost between $400 and $600 for six months, or around $150 monthly, and include chicken feed, coops, delivery, and setup.

“As a society, we don’t really like commitment,” company founder Jenn Tompkins told The Associated Press. “We don’t want a contract on our cellphones; we don’t want long-term commitment with our cable company. With chickens, they can live to seven or 10 years, and people are a bit scared of that.”


Although Tompkins’ business is fairly new (they’ve only been around for two years), they’re already successful, because sustainable food and knowing where your dinner (or breakfast) is coming from is a huge trend, Tompkins says.