AOL Founder Who Invested $22 Million in Sweetgreen Wants to Hear Your Restaurant Pitch

If you have a billion-dollar restaurant idea, track down Steve Case on the Rise of the Rest pitch competition tour

Could your idea be the next Chipotle or Sweetgreen? 

Steve Case, the man who co-founded AOL, is looking to invest in the next big restaurant pitch, and has promised $100,000 to one or more companies or ideas pitched to him per day as part of an upcoming search for the next big restaurateur

Case previously invested $22 million in Sweetgreen, the farm-to-table salad operation which now has locations in DC, New York City, Maryland, and, soon, California.

Case’s investment firm, Revolution, is looking for an entrepreneur with the right idea for a high-growth concept that understands consumer interests and the growing role of technology in the restaurant industry — ordering apps, for example.


If you think you have the right restaurant concept for Case, be prepared to prove that you have a solid team with excellent leadership, understand how to scale employment and contribute to the economy, and know how to “swing for the fences” with an idea that could potentially become a billion-dollar business.