Anthony Bourdain on Charlie Rose: ‘I’m a Guy Who Should Have a Project’


Anthony Bourdain talks to Charlie Rose about the many surprising paths his life has taken.

This week, Anthony Bourdain joined Charlie Rose for a thoughtful interview on the chef’s career and his CNN show, Parts Unknown.

Immediately, Rose notes that his guest is unusually mellow, and Bourdain dives into his appreciation for jujitsu. “It’s a humbling experience, just getting squashed by younger, more fit, more experienced people. It’s become something of an obsession.”

As for his seemingly limitless energy for throwing himself into new adventures and opportunities, Bourdain says that much of his ability to focus indeed comes from his culinary background.

I like making things. I’m a guy who should have a project. When I was a chef I was clearly somebody who liked multitasking, but I think I like making things. Whether it’s a story, a TV show, a plate of food — I don’t even need to have it afterwards. The process, I think — being a chef, cooking — conditions you to the tiny technical satisfactions of properly executing a single plate, having a kind of a private moment when that plate sits there momentarily… where you look at it and you know you did this particular thing well.”