Angry Vandals Burned and Decapitated a Statue of Ronald McDonald

Vandals have defaced, burned, and decapitated the statue that sat outside a Ronald McDonald house in Vermont
Angry Vandals Burned and Decapitated a Statue of Ronald McDonald

A new statue will be housed inside the Ronald McDonald house instead.

Have you ever been so angry at a fast food empire that you brutally vandalized a statue of their mascot?Probably not, but that was the scene at a Ronald McDonald House in Burlington, Vermont, where officials found a statue of Ronald McDonald, that used to be located outside of the house, defaced, decapitated, and burned. The vandals have not yet been found, and according to Ronald McDonald House officials, the statue’s remains had to put into storage because the charred remains had been scaring children.

The Ronald McDonald House is a charitable branch of McDonald’s that helps house families of sick children during their extended stays in the hospital. The Ronald McDonald House has locations around the country, and they are usually located near a hospital. Executive director Kristine Brickford told New England Cable News that the statue was defaced on three occasions, when vandals burned the statue's face, took off its head and sawed off its feet.


It will cost approximately $7,500 to buy a new statue.