Amy’s Bread Opens Artisanal Market Featuring Local Shops in New York and Vermont

Now you can pair Amy’s Bread with locally sourced cheese, spreads, and jams
The Pantry by Amy’s Bread Opens

Amy's Bread

The Pantry by Amy's Bread is opening by their shop in Hell's Kitchen.

Amy’s Bread is opening a new storefront on August 20 called The Pantry by Amy’s Bread.

The Pantry will be located next to the Amy’s Bread store in Hell’s Kitchen. Amy Scherber first opened her bread shop in 1992 and has two other locations, in New York’s Chelsea Market and Greenwich Village.

The Pantry will sell specialty products from the New York and Vermont regions, including pâtés, butter, honey, jams, cheese, and spreads. The idea is that these items can be paired with the artisanal breads sold next door.

Scherber told The Daily Meal that she gives much of the credit for the idea to open The Pantry to her husband Troy. When talking to small business owners from companies such as Empire Mayonnaise and Beth’s Farm Kitchen, they realized it would be a great idea to open a shop to let people in Hell’s Kitchen experience these local specialties.

“All this delicious food is made right here in New York City. We should work together with these small businesses, because we all want to survive.” Scherber told The Daily Meal. “We want to make it in New York and keep on making it in New York.”

The Pantry is also selling a pancake mix made by Scherber’s 11-year-old son, Harry. Out of everything in the store, Scherber told us her favorite items are the duck rillettes from D’Artagnan. “It’s like total pure decadence. A little bit of that on some bread, you need three bites of it, and you’re in heaven,” she said.

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