Americans Were Adventurous With Food Delivery This Year, GrubHub Says

GrubHub compiled customer data from 2015 and noted trends in food preferences, like spikes in international foods
Takeout — it’s not just for pizza and Chinese food anymore

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Takeout — it’s not just for pizza and Chinese food anymore 

As you look back semi-fondly on 2015’s highlights, you will probably notice that many of your best and, admittedly, laziest memories began with ordering takeout. GrubHub understands your addiction to ordering in, particularly if you live in a big city, and has analyzed its customer data from this year. The biggest overall trend was a noted spike in international cuisines. The most popular dishes ordered this year were diverse in geographic and cultural scope.

“This year, we've seen our diners branch out and explore new foods that are offered through our platform,” Kaitlyn Carl, media relations coordinator for GrubHub told The Daily Meal. “Across the nation, we saw spikes in various types of ramen, as well as a rise in tapas and gourmet street tacos.”

In addition, 2015 saw a slight uptick in healthy food takeout, particularly vegetables like Brussels sprouts. The volume of orders for paleo, gluten free, organic, free range, grass-fed and GMO-free increased 18 percent from 2014 to 2015. People were also obsessed with unique spices like gochujang, a Korean condiment made from fermented soybeans, chiles, and glutinous rice, which spiked a whopping 228 percent.

Even though GrubHub may have noted a slight preference for healthier fare, Americans certainly continued to scarf down a diverse array of fried, cheese and-sauce-covered comfort foods. These are the “hottest” foods of the year to come into contact with the iconic smiley-face bag, ranked by percentage increase over last year's orders:

•             Taco al pastor – 277.3%

•             Spicy miso ramen –220%

•             Chicken tikka masala –136%

•             Tonkotsu ramen –133.4%

•             Deep-dish pizza –101.8%

•             Patatas bravas –99.7%

•             Brisket – 90.8%

•             Ham and cheese empandas – 87.8%

•             Kale caesar salad – 84.5%

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•             Poutine – 83.1%