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Americanna Launches Its New Edible: CannaPuffs

Each puff contains 10 milligrams of cannabis per serving

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Americanna grows and extracts all of its own cannabis.

Americanna, a socially responsible producer of edible gummies in the legal marijuana industry, has recently launched its latest edible: CannaPuffs.

The new product is a hybrid between a marshmallow and a gummy. The CannaPuff is “brand new to the cannabis marketplace and it’s also novel in the world of traditional confections,” Dan Anglin, founder and CEO of Americanna, told Confectionery News.

The edibles come in watermelon, strawberry, sour apple, and grape flavors, each available in sweet or sour.

The recent legalization of recreational marijuana in California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts will allow the edible cannabis industry to expand, especially with gummies being the most popular cannabis edible in the marketplace by 22 percent, according the a recent BDS Analytics report.


“Americanna anticipates expanding aggressively in states where cannabis-infused edible confections are legal,” Douglas Brown, the company’s spokesman, told Confectionery News. “This is a priority for the company in 2017.”