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Almost Three in Four Young Americans Are the Victims of Food Theft at Work

Peapod just released a survey in collaboration with Lab 42 showcasing the dangers of snack swiping at the workplace

You know the drill: You bring some delicious labeled leftovers from home and stick it in the communal work fridge until lunchtime. But then when you return around high noon when your stomach starts to growl, you find out your steak frites is missing! Does the situation sound familiar to you? If so, you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted by Peapod, 73 percent of American millennial workers have had their food or snacks stolen at the office.

Interestingly enough, only about one-third of the survey respondents admitted to stealing food that wasn’t theirs, which doesn’t exactly add up. Baby boomers and older workers were least likely to take snacks.

But when it comes to having their food stolen from the fridge, younger works aren’t taking punches: 48 percent of millennial office employees who were the victims of lunch thievery retaliated. And when it comes to gender binaries, sorry guys: Men were twice more likely to admit to stealing food that wasn’t theirs than women. That should narrow down the suspects quite a bit when trying to figure out our lunch thief’s identity.

If you want to protect yourself (and your tasty leftovers), follow our tips to navigating the communal office fridge.

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